Paper Mache Jack-O-Lantern

   Draw The Face

Use a Sharpie to draw a face on the shell.  It doesnt need to be perfect, just give yourself a general idea of the shape and positions of the facial features

Cutout the Features

Use a sharp knife, a serrated blade works best, to cut our the facial features.  Leave some supports in the center of larger cuts such as the mouth.  These will help the paper jack-o-lantern keep it shape until we add the harder paper clay later.


Add Features

Unlike working with real pumpkins to get a great looking paper mache jack you will want to add material not just cut it away.  Use rolled bits of newspaper and tape to buildup features like eyebrows, a protruding nose, and,  of course, a stem.   You can also use hot glue to add other items such as polymer clay teeth.

 Make the shell

Build the face