Laptop HDD to SSD Upgrade Woes


Grabbed a cheap laptop from Craig’s List to use as a workstation for my new Maslow: a Dell Latitude E6400 with 4GB RAM and a 256GB hard drive.  It works just fine with the Maslow but is a bit sluggish when working with the CAD/CAM programs.

So, I reached into my closet and grabbed an SSD that I had from an old work laptop.

Cloning the drive is rather straight forward.  I connected the SSD to the laptop via a USB to SATA adapter and the drive was immediately visible in File Explorer.  Next, I needed a free harddrive cloning package, I found and downloaded DriveImage XML  The cloning process took about 12 hours.

After cloning I swapped the drives and started the machine.  After the BIOS post I got a black screen with just the text “BOOTLOADER” and the boot process stopped.  🙁

After some googling I learned that Bootload is a protection package that is part of the PGP disk encryption tool.  Damn, that SSD was PGP encrypted when I last used it.  I should have completely cleaned that drive before the cloning process.

This time I followed this procedure from Symantec to use the Windows diskpart utility to clear the MBR on the HDD to prep it for a new cloning.

I am waiting for the diskpart clean process to complete now.  It should take about 4 hours….

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